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Vanni Boccuzzi is an Italian music composer, a talented artist who has written for films, animated television series and shows, in a career lasting over 40 years, experimenting different styles ranging from rock-jazz to popular music and from theatre to electronic symphonic orchestration. His works are remarkable for integrating electronic music with traditional orchestral arrangements. 

He got graduated in "Diploma in Instrumentation for Band" and "Diploma in Canto" at Conservatory of Music "Niccolo' Piccinni" of Bari. He teaches at Conservatory of Music "Nino Rota" of Monopoli.

From the beginning of his career up to the late 90's, Vanni has often composed and performed in partner with his younger brother Franco, now living in Miami (Usa).

His recording debut was at the age of 17 with the band Della Venis and the songs "Sogno" and "Vanni". After moving to Rome the year later, Franco e Vanni got signed to RCA to produce "Diario di Viaggio della Festa Mobile" an original concept album with a fantasy story that unfolds along the 5 songs included. This very first album was characterized by a strong progressive jazz-rock melodic style and performed by their new band Festa Mobile.

Then the Boccuzzi brothers surfaced into a new band named Il Baricentro. In 1976 and 1978, EMI Music released the two fully instrumental records "Sconcerto" and "Trusciant", an outstanding example of progressive jazz-rock fusion music with Mediterranean atmospheres very popular during the 70's, successfully still on the global market.

In 1983, Il Baricentro produced the single dance "Tittle Tattle" that topped the charts in numerous countries around the world such as the US, Canada, France, Japan, Honk Kong and Germany.

By the 70's, Vanni and Franco became also concert and studio instrumentalists, arrangers and composers for RCA, EMI MUSIC Italia, Hispavox-EMI Capitol, Ricordi, Fonit Cetra, CBS, for other well-known musicians, among whom: Alan Sorrenti, Ernesto Bassignano with the two albums "Bassingher" and "Motori", Bertin
Osborne with album "Buena suerte", Enrique with the album "Caramba hei", Daniela Romo, Raphael Martos with the album "Raphael, yo sigo siendo aquel, 25°", Nino Frassica with the album "Io, Ugo e la gatta".

In 1985, Vanni and Franco were hired by the Italian broadcasting company RAI and in 1988 by Mediaset as orchestrators, arrangers and composer. They co- wrote the album "Fidati" for Raffaella Carrà, the most popular Italian talk show hostess, singer and dancer. The tracks "Fidati" and "Bellissimo" became the theme songs of the television show "Buonasera Raffaella", the first Italian Tv program to be broadcasted live from the Usa, featuring internationally artists, such as Stevie Wonder, Liza, Minnelli, Ella Fitzgerald, Luciano Pavarotti, Lucio Dalla, etc. For every episode of the show they wrote songs, jingles, music ballets and managed the orchestration.

The Boccuzzi brothers kept working with Raffaella Carrà in her two consecutive tv programs "Domenica In" and "Raffaella Carrà show", aired on RAI 1 and Canale 5. In the meanwhile, Vanni composed the theme song of the animation series "Lalla nell'Isola di Tulla" created by Pierluigi De Mas, whose theme song "Shabum Shaca Bum" became a huge success in France, Spain and Japan.

Among other productions, in 1987, they scored the musical rock "Androidi" directed by Ida Mastromarino which toured the major theatres in Italy.

Vanni wrote music for several advertising and tv programs jingles. In 1997, he won the competition for the official song of the "23rd Edition of the Mediterranean Games" held in Bari.

Vanni also composed the music for the short animated 2D and 3D movies "Il Giorno dell'Angelo" and "Dante Superstar" both co-written with his son, Riccardo Boccuzzi, already a valued screenwriter in Italy and abroad.

In 2011, he has scored the animated tv series "Ulysses, My Name is Nobody", Kinèo Award "Diamanti al Cinema" at the Venice International Film Festival 2012 in "Cartoons on the Bay" section as best animated prduction. In 2012 has also composed the music of the film "Isabella De Rosis – Vita d'amore" starring Claudia Koll and directed by Geo Coretti.

"Sonovisualismo". Since his youth, Vanni has expressed his skills as a drawer and a painter, experimenting new ways to join music with visual arts. He created and developed a new artistic language that he defined "Sonovisualismo". The project consists in graphic subjects with a related specific original music  symbolizing a world in which imaginary musical figures live, composed by the  same author. Vanni has described it as "the process that turns my emotions into a music which can be seen through images and the images into music which can be heard".


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